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Seasonal Beers

We are proud to serve several interesting Wadworth seasonal beers.The Wadworth Victorian Brew House offers a contrast between the established and the new. It needs to be seen to be believed!

We offer a range of Wadworth core beers and 'Seasonals' that are available for short periods throughout the year. We are also pleased to offer several of the great Wadworth core beers in 500ml bottles, as well as 6X Gold, a hoppy, refreshing gluten free beer. Just ask at our bar for more details. 

. Our new seasonal ale Treacle Treat is ghoulishly good. With an ABV of 4.2%, this spooky Halloween ale really packs a punch! An apocalyptic autumn ale sweetened with treacle syrup, available throughout October.

For the beer geek:

Target hops are combined with Pale Ale, Crystal, Brown and Black malts. The addition of treacle and liquorice root make this beer sinfully good.